PininAgri Farm

Young, family-run farm located on the hillside of Moncalieri in the province of Turin.

Our goal is to convey to you our love and passion for nature and all that surrounds it, giving you unique moments and experiences to remember.

PininAgri Farm was founded in 2016 and is located on the hillside of Moncalieri. It was opened by Luca Pininfarina, who courageously, just before his successful graduation in 2016 in Agricultural Science and Technology in Grugliasco, decided to work for himself so that he would be free to put what he had been taught in college into practice as best he could. He is followed along by Giacomo Rolando, a college classmate of his, who is guided by a passion for agriculture passed down from his farming grandparents. In parallel with his studies, Giacomo, helps Luke from the beginning as a university intern until his graduation in 2018, and then officially joins PininAgri in 2019.

The farm to date has a hazelnut grove in full production of Tonda Gentile Hazelnut, a giant Moso bamboo planting, planted in 2017, and old native cherry trees grown extensively. It has always been characterized by passion, dedication and love for nature, the earth and its entire ecosystem.

As of 2021, PininAgri has expanded to new land, of course still on the hill of Moncalieri, in which it is building its new headquarters in which a reception area will also be provided. In addition, from 2022, Luca officially includes his wife Elena in the company. Elena Rivello graduated with honors in business administration in Turin and specialized at Bocconi University in Milan, after several work experiences, believing in the potential of her husband’s company and the beauty of nature, she decided to get involved and join him to make the most of the company’s products and enrich it with new ideas and projects.


A small group of people united by the dream of conveying their values to people toward an authentic way of life.